"Trumpety-trump / Trump, trump, trump” - The “Elephant Hunt of Murten”

"Per aspera ad astra!" - "That was not verified at Fehrbellin.“

"Now, boys, now for the honour of England" - How King George II became the last British monarch to personally lead an army in Battle

Charles Algernon Parsons’ turbine-powered PR stunt: The "Turbinia" at the Spithead Navy Review in 1897

Marcus Pomponius, the praetor, declares, "We have been defeated in a great battle;" Hannibal's victory at Lake Trasimene near Perugia in 217 BCE

"The whole world is coming battling here." - even the faint-hearted in the Crusade of 1101

The 2,230th Anniversary of the Battle of Raphia in 2013

The Conquest of the Vandal Kingdom in North Africa

“Now I shall go far and far into the North playing the Great Game.“ - the Execution of Colonel Charles Stoddart and Captain Arthur Conolly as spies in Bukhara in 1842

“It was the day I made Jim a man” - Bloomsday

The Death of one "worthy of being called masters of prose." Giacomo Leopardi

"The school of the strategy of two heavens as one" - on the Death of the Swordmaster Miyamoto Musashi

“When Emperor Redbeard with his band / Came marching through the Holy Land” - Frederick I's death during the Third Crusade